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Here is basic guide and instruction how to write articles for this blogCrocMint Health Affiliate and CrocMint health product Reviews Blog.


1. Write one article per category. Sample categories:

CrocMint CaliPlus
CrocMint Hoodia Gordonii
CrocMint MaxoCum
CrocMint NicoNot
CrocMint VigaPlus

2. Article must contain Product name in title, tags, keywords and description. Example “CaliPlus”, “Hoodia Gordoni”. The product name must be in article text 5 times+

3. Use tags of basic articles –  Example: Hoodia Gordonii (  Tags: buy pills, does hoodia work, effects hoodia, effects of hoodia, get hoodia, hodia, hoodia, hoodia does it work, hoodia effects, hoodia gordoni, hoodia gordonii plus reviews, hoodia gordonii review, hoodia ingredients, hoodia results, hoodia review, hoodia scam, hoodia side effect, hoodia spray, hoodia work, is hoodia safe, phytopharm hoodia, pill review, reviews weight loss, side effects of hoodia, slimquick hoodia.

When writing article on Hoodia Gordonii, always use these tags in article. At least 5 tags (word phrasses). But always focus on one phrase mainly. Example:  buy pills  (add this phrasse 5 times+ in article and add it also into title)

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After Article submitted into Article Directories, report should be send as a comment there.

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